Lets Customize something just for You….

Making Cuff links has been a creative journey.Each attempt brings forth a new idea.We are making custom made cuff links that ooze of ones personality and style.Do you have an idea of the type of Cuff links you would like?

Share your ideas with us on lukagwa@gmail.com.Give us the opportunity to help u realize your creativity.


Something For the Men….

Lukagwa has been designing African jewelry for women for the longest time with little regard to the male folk.The idea of not catering for men was triggered by the level of tweaking or modification we had to do on the simplest accessories.It was simply exhausting.Regardless of this fact we made several attempts at making chains and bracelets for them.Currently we are working on cuff links, a concept we initialized 3 years back.We are continuously  perfecting our prototypes.I will share with you photos of our varied prototypes so you can experience our Journey and contribute to it.



we did round two #cufflinks #lukagwa



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The last pair of Cuff links are customized to a client’s needs.Engage us for some custom-made cuff links.

Hit us up on lukagwa@gmail.com…..



The Legendary Artisan- Alan Donovan

“To those outside its magnetic spell, Africa may seem
incomprehensible, fathomless, in the primordial past. Yet,
wherever we are in the world, everyone one of us had an African
ancestor, that much is almost certain. Africa is the cradle
of humanity….. As a co-founder of African Heritage, the
continent’s first Pan African Gallery, in Nairobi, Kenya, I
discovered Africa’s rich legacy to the world’s art….. I served
as a conduit and catalyst to reveal the awesome beauty of
Africa to its visitors and to others around the world” by Alan Donovan.

I was humbled to be hosted by the renowned Alan Donovan of African Heritage in his stunning Timbuktu Castle.He lay the foundation and passed on knowledge that trickled down and influenced numerous creatives.Alan’s passion and creativity in African art was my first point of contact with the World of Art.I was a frequent visitor of the African Heritage at Libra House .All the accessories mesmerized me,i imagined one day creating jewelry equally as beautiful.Today i got the opportunity to exchange ideas with this amazing creative,the experience was priceless.

Creativity is a journey in which the people you meet inspire you to do things differently…….be part of our cruise on http://www.etsy.com/shop/lukagwa.

A wedding in the Wild

It has been a while since I penned down something, my preparation for NY NOW exhibition had taken a toll on me. A couple of weeks back I had the opportunity to visit Kibo Slopes Lodge in Amboseli. This lodge is nestled in the heart of the Amboseli,a scenic place that is very captivating. The earthy look of the place took to my heart. I loved the décor in the tents;what caught my eye was the bangles curved out of a calabash being used as curtain ties. A couple of years back I tried selling the concept of using jewelry in Home décor.Lukagwa took one of its beautiful necklaces and framed it, a different way of depicting jewelry. Needless to say the market response didn’t meet our expectation.
After that trip a number of ideas racked my brain like how we can use our jewelry to accessorize your home or an event. In line with these school of thought I was approached by my high school friend Catherine, whom I hadn’t met in 13 years to do accessories for her wedding. I loved the challenge and concept. This ceremony took place in Naivasha, Loldia house. A wedding in the Wild. Please allow me to indulge you, the treacherous journey to Loldia is quickly forgotten by the sight of Dik Dik,Gazelle and Zebra’s .The Natural scene and untapped water areas was quite inspiring. The notion of the accessories had to resonate the same feel and look.
We settled on gathering empty wine bottles and wrapping them with thread for a groove like finish. The easiest bit was wounding the thread around the 150 bottles. The tough job was creating little ties for the bottles that had beads dangling. The end product was exquisite. These bottles were placed on small planks of wood on the tables. I need not say more have a look at the final display…….

Wildlife in Naivasha,Loldia House

The path to Loldia House


The wedding decor….

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Thank you for giving me the chance to make your wedding day beautiful……